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Taking notes. I’m curious. Hetz Ventures. 50:50 Startups. I write insightful articles with career, marketing themes. And personal topics at


  • Vivian Cohen-Leisorek

    Vivian Cohen-Leisorek

    Addicted to good storytelling, especially podcasts. Curious about science, people and culture. Amateur runner. Brand ambassador @hpindigo.

  • Star Moon

    Star Moon

  • Kelly McCarthy

    Kelly McCarthy

  • Russell Rothstein

    Russell Rothstein

    CEO of IT Central Station. Product reviews are eating the world of B2B enterprise tech.

  • Jo Friedman

    Jo Friedman

  • Yael Ukeles

    Yael Ukeles

  • Sara Jacobson

    Sara Jacobson

    Professional Photographer, MFA student.

  • Yehoshua Zlotogorski

    Yehoshua Zlotogorski learn in depth, ‘on the go’ with audio courses. Mainly an avid reader. Former Investor/BD @Toyota AI, @OurCrowd. Trying 2 write regularly

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