It’s not a fuck-up. It’s the success tax.

Oh, shit.

Ok, fine, it is a fuck-up.

You sent the email to the wrong target list. You used confidential numbers on the presentation’s key slide. You missed a security concern and the website crashed.

And now, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to beat yourself up for quite a while.

And people will tell you that failing is your path to succeeding. And you can imagine cheesy memes with a faded dying flower or a cat reaching the top shelf or I dunno, I hate those memes.

But what you really need to know is… You fucked up. You did. But now I want you to lock yourself in a bathroom stall, breathe deep, and…

Seriously, breathe deep for a few seconds.

Take stock of your life.

Sorry, it’s not all a bad dream.

Watch a puppy video on YouTube.

Make a plan. Do the plan.

Congrats — you paid the Success Tax.

That’s the success tax.

Taking notes. I’m curious. Hetz Ventures. 50:50 Startups. I write insightful articles with career, marketing themes. And personal topics at

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